1. This privilege card will be valid for 1 year from the date of activation and membership fee will be;

    Privilege Card Bronze - Rs.0 (Free)

    Privilege Card Gold - Rs. 500 (Five Hundred Only

    Privilege Card Platinum - Rs.1950 (One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Only)

  2. The miyamiya Privilege Card membership is valid for purchases at authorized miyamiya registered outlets in India only.

  3. This card remains the property of Sways Trading and Marketing Pvt. Ltd., The miyamiya privilege card is not a credit/debit card company and the card-holder will be the custodian of the same.
  4. Miyamiya privilege card and benefits associated with the card are non-transferable and non–redeemable against cash/GV/credit note, The Privilege Card and the Privileges may not be directly or indirectly transferred or assigned, whether partly or wholly.
  5. Benefits available through program partners may change from time to time or be withdrawn without prior notice. The customer would be bound by such changes; Sways Trading and Marketing Pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible for any liabilities arising out of such situations.
  6. Sways Trading and Marketing Pvt. Ltd. reserves the rights to add, amend, change, alter or terminate this program, including the structure of program, without prior notice, which will be notified on website www.miyamiya.in from time to time.
  7. Any communication from miyamiya privilege program will be either mailed to the member’s mailing address or sent to the mobile number mentioned in the profile.
  8. By accepting this card, the miyamiya privilege member agrees to receive promotional message from all participating formats of sways group through mail and sms related to special offers/Previews/discount/sale from all participating formats of sways group privilege program.
  9. It is the responsibility of the member to inform miyamiya through email about change of address and contact information at support@miyamiya.in
  10. Miyamiya bears no responsibility for communication lost or not received.
  11. Membership to miyamiya privilege program is at the sole discretion of miyamiya and it may refuse membership to any applicant without assigning any reasons..
  12. Miyamiya at any time without giving notice change, modify and/or vary the terms and conditions of miyamiya privilege program.
  13. By using his/her miyamiya privilege card, member consents to the Terms and Conditions as stated herein and also consents to creating, maintaining and updating data about the member by the miyamiya. Such data may include membership details (like name, address, telephone number, date of birth, employer, areas of interest, preferences, usage data, etc.)
  14. The member must present the miyamiya privilege card to the cashier at the time of purchase before commencement of billing to avail discounts and other benefits.
  15. Miyamiya reserves the right to disqualify any person from further participation in Miyamiya Privilege Program if in miyamiya’s sole judgment such person has violated the terms and conditions specified herein or any other reason which in the opinion of the miyamiya justifies the same.
  16. Retroactive discounting of purchases is not permissible. If a member fails to present his/her card at the time of purchases, discount will not be made available on that transaction. Discounts entitled to miyamiya privilege card holder would be applicable only on presentation of card before purchase /billing; the same cannot be done on post-facto basis.
  17. The Card is only valid for bonafide purchase for personal use and will not be allowed on goods purchased for resale.
  18. Settlement of disputes: terms and conditions set herein shall be governed by the laws of India only
  19. All disputes arising under the terms and conditions subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Kerala only.
  20. All claims and disputes arising under the terms and conditions should be notified to Miyamiya within 30 days at customerservice@miyamiya.in after which no member shall have any claims against miyamiya.
  21. Offers and updates on miyamiya privilege card will be communicated to customer through SMS and emails and as a member of this program you give your consent to receive SMS/Emails pertaining to special offers/Preview/any such with regards to the membership.
  22. Sways group shall not be responsible for any fraud or misuse of this membership Card and you agree to be personally liable for any and all costs, taxes, charges, claims or liabilities of any nature, arising due to any such fraud or misuse of the card.
  23. Any duplication of this Card will be subject to cancellation.
  24. You shall promptly inform miyamiya of any change of your name, mailing address, e-mail address or any other required data provided for the issuance of this card and submit the fresh details in respect of such change, as may be demanded by miyamiya.
  25. Discount/Offer under miyamiya privilege card is not valid on, Cigarettes, Alcohol Beverages, and certain other categories as intimated from time to time.
  26. Discount/Offer under miyamiya privilege card cannot be clubbed together with any other schemes/offers running in the store.
  27. Existing discount on the product or discount under miyamiya privilege card, whichever is higher would be applicable while shopping.
  28. Upon termination of your Membership for any reason, including death, the privilege card and account number shall automatically transfered to your nominee stated with your applicatio.
  29. Card loss- Cardholders must inform miyamiya immediately if they lose or mislay their Privilege Card or if it is stolen. They shall receive a replacement card upon request. Replacement charges may apply on customers’ account.

Please visit www.miyamiya.in to ensure you have a current copy. For any clarifications, you can contact us by logging on at www.miyamiya.in or email us at info@miyamiya.in