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Santhigiri Ashram Santhigiri P O Trivandrum
+91 9037010078

About Santhigiri

Santhigiri Ashram is a world-renowned spiritual center founded by Nava jyothisree Karunakara Guru in 1964. Exhorting its followers to lead a life at peace with God and Nature, the ashram promotes transcendental spiritual values and secular ideals like universal love, world peace and religious harmony.

From time Immemorial, India has been known as a land blessed with spirituality that transcends religion. Sanathana Dharma holds that spirituality is the essence of man that goes beyond life, death and belief. By the will of the Brahmam, to NAVAJYOTHI SREEKARUNAKARAGURU was revealed the total reality of human existence. Guru was born in modest circumstances at Chandiroor, Cherthala 90 years ago. After relentless spiritual endeavor Guru completed the mission of establishing the Yuga Dharma of our age – to be practiced and fulfilled through the auspices of Santhigiri Ashram. Santhigiri Ashram is situated in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, having branch Ashrams in Cherthala (Janmagriham), Haripad, Kottarakkara, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Kannur, Sultanbathery, Palghat, Kallar, Kumily, Cochin, Kottayam, Madurai, Kanyakumari, Bangalore and in Delhi.Today, lakhs of Guru’s devotees regardless of caste, creed, colour and culture have accepted the Karma and Dharma revealed as appropriate for our Yuga by Guru.

Having established the mission, Guru merged into Primordial Conscientiousness ‘Adisankalpa’ in 1999, leaving disciples to carry on the work of Santhigiri Ashram under the leadership of Guru’s chosen disciple SISHYAPOOJITHA AMRITHA JNANA THAPASWINI.

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