New Rajasthan-Kollam

New Rajasthan-Kollam
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Parakulam Kottiyam Kollam
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About New Rajasthan-Kollam

Purchase is the key of success in our business.In one month we purchase atleast 100 containers of products, so we will get sell in enormous discount from the companies which is shared with our clients.So we sell the products at a lower price.Our truthfulness and Premium quality of our products which is well known to our customers, which makes them convince their relations & friends to buy our products. For the last 15 years we are the whole sale dealers of Marble,Granites and Vertical Tiles in Kerala. More over we provide full guarentee for our materials. In our showroom we provide facilities for all kinds of people in the society to buy products. Variety collections of products are provided in our showrooms. In addition to this we provide Italian marbles as well as Imported Granites in our showrooms.

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