1. What is Miyamiya Privilege Card?
    Miyamiya Privilege Card is a customer benefit card offering unbeatable and exclusive discounts at thousands of partner merchants across the country. Miyamiya members can avail up to 20% discounts on shopping, hotels, tickets, tours & travels, theme parks, mobile recharges etc. Besides, members would be covered under insurance facility program.

  2. Can the card holders who frequently visit big shops avail the benefits?
    Our partner-merchants range from the local shops located around your corner to large chains of supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, hospital, clinics, garment shops etc. There are discounts and privileges for everyone at these outlets.

  3. How to Use Miyamiya Privilege Card?
    All you need to do is present your card at the billing counter each time you make a purchase before billing at any miyamiya registered outlet and for online customers can simply get privileges by their customer ID and PIN number from miyamiya affiliated web store.

  4. Do I need to carry Miyamiya Privilege Card all the time?
    You would love to carry your miyamiya privilege card due to its international design and elegance. Moreover, it is similar to a credit card / debit card in appearance and a great tool to save round the clock. Never forget to carry your card while going out.

  5. How can I register my privilege card to have access to member's area?
    Click on activate card option available on the homepage of www.miyamiya.in, answer few questions & your privilege card will be registered, or you can call us at 1800 3000 0919

  6. What should I do if a partner-merchant does not recognize/honor my card?
    All our approved partner-merchants who have written agreement with us have agreed to honor Miyamiya Privilege Card. In the unusual event of any approved partner-merchant not honoring the card, please inform us immediately at 1800 3000 0919

  7. How many times can I use Miyamiya Privilege Card?
    You can use your card as many times as you wish to.

  8. Where can I use my Card?
    Download miyamiya App on your mobile from Google play store & avail all the latest offers. Use our Predictive Search option available on the homepage to know participating outlets & offer details. You can further refine your search more, by choosing categories like for Food & Beverages, Beauty Services, it will show the entire listed merchant for particular category. Moreover, our customer care team keeps in touch with you by sending offers on your mobile, email Id etc. Besides, you can check miyamiya stickers wherever it displays.

  9. What is the validity of the Miyamiya Privilege Card?
    The Miyamiya Privilege Card will be valid for 1 year from the date of issuance

  10. Will the Card get renewed automatically?
    No, you will be notified when your card will expire and you can decide to renew before that time.

  11. How can one become a Miyamiya Privilege Program member?
    There are many ways:
    1. Visit www.miyamiya.in to subscribe online.
    2. Call 1800 3000 0919 to place your order.
    3. Send us email at info@miyamiya.in, we will get back to you soon.

  12. have a business and want to become a part of Miyamiya Privilege Card?
    Call us at 9072640011, or send us email at customercare@miyamiya.in and one of our executive will get in touch with you at the earliest.

  13. What should I do if I want to order Miyamiya Privilege Card in bulk for my company /society /organization?
    Email us on info@miyamiya.in with your company details and number of cards required. Our executive will get in touch with you at the earliest..

  14. I have a business/shop. Can I become a partner-merchant of Miyamiya Privilege Card program?
    1. Yes, call us on 1800 3000 0919 for our customer service agents.
    2. Login to www.miyamiya.in and direct to seller/merchant section.