How To Create A Dining Privilege Card Program

A restaurant dining discount card can be a successful means to draw new customers and make then regulars to your restaurant.  Customers can utilize the card to dine at restaurants they've never been to for a considerably reduced cost or return to favorites one for a discount.  A small financial investment and some arrangement are all that is necessary to create a program that will profit both restaurants and their customers.

Elements to create the Dining Privilege Card Program

Decide the intention of the program.  It could recommend several characteristics, such as a 20% discount on a bill, free complimentary drinks, or a free snack with an online purchase or provide cash-back rewards for purchasing food.

Decide whether you want customers to shell out for membership in the program and, if so, how much they will have to pay.

Create a card for your program.  Ensure to contain the name of your restaurant address, phone number, as well as a space for a membership number.

Take the design for your card to a proficient printer and have the printer compose the cards.  If necessary, have the cards numbered and they can serve as membership numbers.

Craft a membership form for individuals to fill out as they join the program.  The usual information you will want to gather is the member's name, email address, and phone number.  You may have customer’s mail in the form or submit their details online.

Some Tips to consider while launching the program

Integrate the membership program into the database systems of participating restaurants.  This way, you can also keep track of purchases and provide a quick way of finding proof of membership (such as a phone number) in case a guest loses his or her membership card.  Consider having a programmer set up a connection for the restaurants to a central database.

You may also want to get in touch with consumers by Email or direct mail with offers and special deals.

Information such as customers' favorite foods and how much a customer spends can be useful.

Offer privilege cards after receiving their pieces of information. This will show the consumers that we are being serious with the program.

Several corrupt people may make illegal copies of your card.  You may want to have your cards fixed with a watermark or other security detail.