The Future Of Gift Cards Is Here To Stay In India

Gift Cards in India


The custom of gifting is imbued in Indian culture and value system.  Gifts have constantly assumed a vital role in traditional and local events like religious celebrations, anniversaries and weddings.  They have accepted a critical job in present day age festivities, including millennial, similar to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and a large group of other such events.

Despite the fact that Indians are specific about issues like size of the gift, bundling and are constantly cautious enough to evacuate the sticker prices, a few components have now risen that will undoubtedly propel them to utilize e-gift vouchers and gift vouchers.

Below are Five Factors which will drive the use of gift cards in years to come.  

  1. More Reasons to Cheer

The rise of various usually advertised events has taken the specialty of gifting to an whole new level.  Aside from the consistent ones, individuals want to gift their precious ones on events like Valentine's Day, Father's/Mother's Day and Thanksgiving among others.  Gift vouchers are created to suit these capacities and are customized to suit customers’ requirements.

  1. Digital India

The development of ‘Digital India’ occurred much before the official campaign started by the government of India as e-gift cards.  India’s push for to make digital payments will compel individuals to prefer e-cards and gift cards over the conventional routine  of trading cash inside closed envelopes.   

  1. Formal Gatherings

Gift vouchers can be a friend in need in formal events and gatherings, where one does not have an idea what the host would prefer as gifts.  Industry events and business parties are events where individuals want to present costly gifts that will make the recipient really glad.  A well-packaged gift card with a nice brand name on it serves the intention flawlessly.

  1. Easy Access Of Gifts

Gift items have also evolved over the years.  Jewellery, money and cookery items are now considered everyday items.  The common craze is for a whole new range of original, personalized items.  Coupons for fitness spas and salons, film tickets, sponsored honeymoon packages and healthcare visits are some of the other new options that are steadily gaining grip.   

  1. Guilt of not being with Family

Today, a large portion of us are compelled to stay away from our loved ones due to educational or professional needs We want to send  gifts to our family and companions on exceptional events,, for being far from them.  E-gift cards act as the hero of buyers who can dispatch their love in the form of customized gift cards.  This additionally helps those who are looking for instant gift solutions.  

Gift vouchers are a 'unicorn development' class in India and have created at a fundamentally quicker pace here than some other western nation.  Retailers and e-retailers, who were quick to adopt the gift voucher category, have now built a very profitable, extra income framework.