Will Online Shopping Ever Rule The World?

Online shopping is no longer just a trend, it’s a lifestyle and citizens everywhere are taking advantage of the convenience of ordering anything and having it delivered right to their front doorstep.  In order to capitalize on this shift in lifestyle, retailers have taken to the ecommerce world and are setting are setting new standards for online organizations over the globe.  

Ecommerce shopping is getting more and more competitive.  With technology continuously developing, so is the internet shopping market.  Websites are now becoming intelligent, shipping is snappier, and expectations are higher.  So as to stay aware of the market, online stores have begun to float towards new trends and patterns.

Let’s take a look on how online shopping will change our lifestyle in the coming years.

  1. Personalization

Individuals love experiences that are personalized to their tastes and desires.  Since there are no physical deals, business partners are to ensure that customers needs are being met.

 This sense of personalization is being done in an assortment of ways.  A growing number of organizations are curating accessible options and pulling things from several sources such as offering Digital Gift Cards to Employees.  These organizations analyze users’ acquisition record and offer commodities that a customer is more likely to be attracted all while disposing of unreasonable, and probably pointless, alternatives.

To take web based shopping personalization one pace further, organizations are starting to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning into the ecommerce experience.

  1. Usage of Chatbots

Organizations are working to replicate the physical, in-store sales assistance while shopping online.  Chatbots symbolize a precious resource for brands that want to make their online users feel they’re being “physically” assisted while buying online.

Chatbots are mostly implemented with the objective of creating direct contact between an online user and a company.  Given that online stores don’t have a particular opening and closing hours, consumers can be shopping at any time of day.  Instead of recruiting employees to sit behind a computer in case the customer has questions, technology has stepped in.  Chatbots allow a shopper to ask questions and get answers nearly immediately.

  1. Shopping on Social Media Platforms

One manner by which cell phones are being used for shopping is through social media.  Facebook and Instagram have opened up the ecommerce business and made it easier and quicker for users to shop through their social media channels.  Instagram, for instance, has started to offer a feature for direct product links to be tagged in posts that even include product and price details.

Furthermore, companies have taken to social media to promote their brands and goods.  Now, an organization without a Facebook or Instagram account is, a step behind.  Individuals spend hours scrolling through their news feeds daily to connect, and share their moments to the world.

  1. Automated Checkout

Another rising use of mobile commerce is automated checkout such as Paypal, Amazon Pay, or Google Pay.  Numerous online shopping sites have made it that much easier and quicker to order products online.  

With features like Google Pay, Android users only need to enter in their credit card information once.  From there, the card number and address are saved to their mobile phone and stored for later use.  If a website offers Google Pay, all the user needs to do is click “OK” and the checkout process is completely easy.

With such a significant number of rising online shopping trends, retailers make it hard to refuse to give in to.  The online personalization of shopping guarantees that customers are recognized and have options that best suit them,  chatbots offers extra support, and stores are moving towards social media and automated checkouts.