Five Ways On How Small Business Owners Can Increase Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty - MiyaMiya

Loyal customers keep your income flowing.  Indeed, loyal customers spend through 67 percent more than regular customers, which is the reason why concentrating on repeat business is a need.

Fifty-seven percent of entrepreneurs state that having an association with their clients is the thing that drives loyalty.  These entrepreneurs are correct.  Connections move clients to make a purchase, again and again.

Look at these five different ways to increase customer loyalty for your business:

  1. Focus on Customer Service as number 1 priority – even on Social

Seventy-six percent of customers trust a company’s customer service is a reflection of how much they value customers.

If you want loyal customers, incredible customer service is a necessity.  A consumer evaluates every interaction he or she has with your staff and makes a conclusion call about your service such as customers waiting in line, makes a return, calls about an out of order product after purchase or sends a message on Facebook, it’s critical that business owners try to resolve the problem, and offer solutions.

Based on Research, customers want service via social media, and they expect a quick response, and the majority of consumers expect a response on social media within an hour, and another 32 percent expect a response within 30 minutes.

  1. Offer Rewards to  your Customers

One of the most excellent ways to keep customers returning back is to reward them for their loyalty.  Set up a loyalty program that offers customers discounts, incentives, and exclusive offers.

Customers want to feel appreciated since they have decided to shop with you.   It’s not a small gesture, so you should return the favor through a loyalty program.

  1. Listen to their Feedback

As business owners, we sometimes stick to our ego for not making any changes, when customers offer their feedback – particularly if it’s something you don’t want to listen to.  

Every business owners should make an effort to collect feedback from customers and listen to it.

If customers complain about the poor layout of your store or your website, for example, consult with your UX team, and find out if it does help in increasing sales and better customer experience.  Once the improvement is completed, inform your customers about it.

It’s a great way to demonstrate customers that you’re not only understanding their feedback, but also implementing on it.


  1. Offer Amenities

Make life simple for your customers, and they'll keep returning.  Consider how you can make the customers encounter less difficult or quicker.  Consider streamlining your checkout procedure so customers can get in and out, answer inquiries via social media instead of driving clients to experience a robotized labyrinth of menus via telephone and offer auto-billing.

  1. Start Local Events

Consider hosting a customer appreciation event to show your appreciation, send them links to helpful articles on your blog or showcase a local charity that your business supports in the monthly newsletter.

There are many other ways to build customer loyalty, research and develop a program that fits your business goals.