5 Reasons Why MiyaMiya (Privilege) Gift Card Is The Wedding Gifts For Your Dear Ones

Wedding is all over the season, and presenting a Gift card brings back the joy in gifting.  They are always better than cash because you ensure that your loved ones treat themselves instead of letting the cash just mount up in their lockers.  Below are the reasons on why you should gift a MiyaMiya Privilege card.

1. Go with Their Mood

MiyaMiya offers a whole lot one could want, be it an extra set of tableware or appliances to outfit their new lives.  By gifting them a MiyaMiya gift card, you present them an abundance of choosing out what they need the most, hence making your gift so much more valuable.  Let them choose things that truly make them content and they are sure to remember you warmheartedly every time they see it. If there is one way that you can guarantee that your favorite couple loves what you give them, it is this

2. A Present when you are not available

There are some occasions when you in fact want to be there for your acquaintances and relatives, and weddings undoubtedly are one of them.  Conversely, on the off chance that you won’t make it to their big day, you can still make your presence felt. MiyaMiya offers feature that lets you create the  gift voucher and email it to your loved ones. Pick a design that describes the couple the best, key in the amount and get gifting!

3. Connected with over 3000 outlets

Just one MiyaMiya Privilege Card in essence opens a world of alternatives for the newlyweds to choose from.  It allows you select from over 300 categories, such as Books and Media, Jewellery, Clothings, Home and Furniture, Travel Package and more.  This means that through MiyaMiya the couple cannot just order products, but even make arrangement for their honeymoon!

4. Vehicle Insurance Covered

For newlywed couples, getting their own car is dream come true.   By gifting a MiyaMiya Gift card, you are insuring the couples with up to Rs 50,000 Accidental insurance coverage.  Hence, if they meet with an accident, and the car is totally damaged, they can present the MiyaMiya Privilege Card to avail the benefits.  

5. No more Stress

We ask our acquaintances what gifts they would like to receive only to get an unclear reply which leaves us trapped in a game of guess.  at this moment, thinking of the perfect gift can come with a fair amount of anxiety particularly when it is meant to celebrate one of the biggest days of their lives.  It’s the one time when you really don’t want to give them something that makes you look like that person who didn’t know how to gift better. The solution you ask? MiyaMiya Gift Cards