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<p>As an assciate&nbsp;of Miyamiya, the collaboration hopes to drive consumers to your business outlet, and enhance their top-of-mind recall of your brand. The Privilege Card is heavily promoted, via direct selling agents, direct mails, online marketing including social media, e-circulars and website. As more associates come onboard, you can expect advertisements and more promotion materials.</p> <ul> <li>Renewable income every year (for those who sell cards through their own outlets)</li> <li>Area wise promotion support</li> <li>Business Promotion Services</li> <li>Increase in customer base and revenue</li> <li>Display logo in our website</li> <li>Commission on every card sale</li> <li>Direct Special offers</li> <li>Online store service</li> <li>Online shop searching facility</li> </ul>

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