Atlas Diagnostic And Imaging Centre

Atlas Diagnostic And Imaging Centre
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Taluk Hospital Junction Kottrakkara
+91 8281711102 04742450697

About Atlas Diagnostic And Imaging Centre

paramountcy has a unique approach of catering to the busy metropolitan lifestyle. Our team of highly meticulous and experienced professionals ensure exceptional patient care. All our medical equipments are top of the line - there is zero compromise on the accuracy of the results. 

We digitise the complete lab experience - book appointments beforehand and avoid standing in long queues for a procedure that takes hardly five minutes. You can even schedule a date for us to collect your samples at your convenient time and location! 

paramountcy is the lab of the future. We aim at the highest comfort of our patients at the most affordable rates. You don’t have to come to us - our services come to you.Paramountcy is a new age clinical laboratory that lets you make appointments, give samples and get lab results, all with just your smartphone!

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